Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Living My Best Life

Today as I viewed yet another "to-do list," it occurred to me once again that there was no way to complete everything on that list.  The tasks before me could realistically be completed in a week or even two, but to try doing them all in one day would be begging for stress, irritation and exhaustion.  A two-week time span would allow for leisure time and socializing between tasks. Doing so would certainly make those tasks more palatable. 

After taking some time this morning  to reflect about my life, I realized that I continue to sometimes measure  the success of my day by the number of tasks accomplished, particularly the ones relating to my artistic goals.  This train of thought led to me to thinking about  what I would consider to be my best life. 

Even though some of my life goals have remained the same over time, the way I want to go about bringing them to fruition has changed.  My view of what constitutes my best life is rather simplistic and divided into four categories consisting of self-development, art, family and friends.  While there are sub-categories under each area, this is it for me. 

Spending my time focusing on these four areas and whatever is relevant to them is my best life. In many ways I am living my best life right now.  Most days find me dividing my time between various  activities relating to these four categories, with painting often being the top priority.

Besides the painting, I enjoy writing for the projects that are not yet "soup," reading, spending time in nature, and consciously developing myself spiritually.  Having lunch with friends or chatting with the long-distance ones on Facebook is also gratifying,  as well as spending time with my lovely family.  This is the gist of my best life.

Keeping in mind that a best life does not mean there will be no dark days, I can say that I am grateful for the best life I now have.  I just have to remember to keep those "to-do" lists short! 

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