Saturday, June 13, 2009

Here and Now

Here and now, you will ignore me
As though I am not an artist sincere
As though you will never adore me
For the prolific work presented here
You will scandalize me
You will ostracize me
You will stain my name.

When I die, you will speak my name
Praise my gifts as though you cared
For me when I walked this hard earth
Offering esteem never before shared
You will recognize me
You will eulogize me
You will speak my name.

Strangers will come as friends
Stand tall and tell my story
At this time of final amends
They will sing of me in glory
They will verbalize me
They will idealize me
They will speak my name.
Finally, my creativity will know
The highest energy from appreciation
As favor upon me death will bestow
In a plethora of posthumous validation
Death will elegize me
Death will prize me
Death will shout my name.

Yet, here and now I want you to see
How I want my living to be
Here and now, why not recognize me?
Accept the gifts I offer you
As I struggle to walk this cold earth
Why not a salute to help me through?
Here and now, please humanize me
Here and now, please actualize me
Here and now, please speak my name!

copyright 2009, Georgette Jones

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Art in Nature

As late spring eases into early summer, more often than not, the inspirations for creating art are: The Japanese maple in my front yard, which provides shade for the newly-planted white begonias residing under it; the abundant variety of trees lining almost every avenue of the city; the lovely Huron River showing glimpses of herself in unexpected places; the colors of nature endlessly flaunting themselves in hues of green, purple, red, yellow and blue; the clear sky; the fresh air......Can anyone deny that a Master Creator dwells among us?

Being among nature stills my inner self, while stirring my passion to paint. How does viewing nature make you feel? What do you like most about nature?