Sunday, November 22, 2009

To Youth a Reminder

"Young Warriors"/ Private Collection

Take then, the stinging no
Of life's cruel excess
Knead your thoughts warmly so
Into a softly smiling yes

Take the rhyme, the metaphor
Live facing the sky
Speak the words that crack the door
To every mystery, every why

Embrace the night of things unshown
Speak strong your truth today
Do not die with all you own
Tucked, still, deeply away

Paint the canvas of your pleasure
Sing your brilliant love song
Jump the edge without measure
Each moment, live life long

Speak strong your truth today
Do not die with your life tucked:
Still. Deeply. Away.

copyright 2009, Georgette Jones

Note: After viewing the dark, brutally honest yet mesmerizing movie, "Precious" yesterday, I was compelled to post this painting from four years ago, along with the poem that relates to it. As is usually the case, the poem and painting were not created simultaneously. Instead, their similarity match the subject matter and themes of my artistic thoughts.