Sunday, June 21, 2009

Art in Words

"Angels in Flight"

In two recent volumes of poetry, there are paintings whose messages refer to the poems. For each volume, I have created a handbound prototype of the book I wish to publish. Ironically, only two of the poems were actually created to reflect the subject matter of the paintings. They are "The Compassionate Sun" and the poem below, "Of My Body, Forgiveness." For all the other poems, I was able to find paintings that referred to each one because all my themes fall under one umbrella (see sidebar explaining what my paintings are about).

As the poetry and paintings inform each other, this is particularly so of the one below. I believe that the body is essentially forgiving, having found this to be true time after time. However, it takes persistence of focus to achieve a constant mind-body connection. Whenever I become distracted with too many priorities on my plate - as it were- this issue of spiritual struggle presents itself once more........

Of My Body, Forgiveness

Please forgive me and let me view
With kindness this imperfect form
Please allow me to know you
And protect you from harm
Forgive my arrogant absence of you
Yes, let's commit to this relationship
As solid equals rather than enemies
As lovers locked in friendship
Bound in trust by mutual amenities
Forgive my sad suspicion of you
Let's choose dialogue rather than war
Two as one committed to health
As I listen rather than ignore
Your legacy to me of infinite wealth
Forgive my dangerous distance of you
Forgive me, loyal body divine
For daring to desecrate what is mine
Forgive me, perfect body complete
Forgive me as we belatedly meet!
copyright 2009, Georgette Jones