Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Art and the Fifth House of Leo

Criminologists have sometimes employed professional astrologers to draw up charts to study cerebral commonalities in serial killers.  Being naturally curious, I have studied  astrology in a lesser,  but more than cursory way in order to observe personality,character traits and various interests and pursuits in myself and others.    

It has been my observation that a great many artists are born in the month of July, the last part of which rules the sun sign, Leo -specifically July 23 to August 22.  This sign is ruled by the sun, it's symbol is the lion, and in scientific astrology,  governs the fifth house of art, leadership, children and creativity.  Even if an artist is not born within that exact time frame, some significant aspect of his chart is probably strongly influenced by the fifth house of Leo.

For example, the major aspects of my own chart are dominated by fifth house placements.  Although I was born with the Sun in Sagittarius, Moon in Pisces and Aries rising, many other planets such as Mercury, Mars and Uranus are ruled by other signs as well as Leo placed solidly in the fifth house.  

What does all this mean?  For me, it simply means that I must express my emotions through creative pursuits in order to be happy.  I'm sure it means the same for other artists, as well.

Some famous artists born in July include Gustave Klimt, Frida Kahlo, Marcel DuChamp, David Hockney, James M. Whistler, Edgar Degas, Thomas Eakins, Jean DuBuffett, Marc Chagall, Andrew Wyeth, Rembrandt, Alexander Calder, Edward Hopper and George Grosz.  There are probably many others.

I must also mention that the polarity of Leo is its opposite sign Aquarius, and there are many artists born under that sign, as well.     

If an artist is born at any time in July, he might be a Cancer or a Leo, but based on what I know about astrology, would still have strong placements leaning into  Leo and its fifth house.  He would be artistic, expressive, somewhat dramatic in speech, perhaps a chairman or president of a club or committee, and would probably have at least one child.  If not an artist, he might be an art lover or a gallery owner.  He might a Scorpio art dealer with his Moon in Leo or a Leo Rising or a strong fifth house placement.

For the record, President Barack Obama is a Leo and is a eloquent speaker.  He and his wife, Michelle Obama are art lovers who have two children.

Just some fun info, ya'll.   I want every Leo who reads this to leave a comment.