Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Leaving Winter

Even as the snow continues to cover the ground and the temperature drops at night, something has shifted in my winter perception.  I am thinking spring.  As I continue my pattern of rising just after dawn to write or read, I am no longer feeling restricted by winter.  Instead, I am thinking about walking outside again, maybe taking a swimming class and attending that monthly networking group I have missed all winter because of the cold.  I am also thinking about how much fun it will be to shop for and wear spring clothes.  Yea! No more looking like Lenny the Lumberjack!

The cardinals that frequent the feeder at a friend's house must be feeling spring-like, too, because the male and female have been playing "bird tag"  every time I visit. They know winter will have to leave soon, whether she wants to or not, because spring is patiently waiting just beneath the surface of the snow.

Despite my occasional complaints about the weather, I realize that the season of winter is necessary in order to enjoy and appreciate the warmer seasons.  I believe that winter is a metaphor for the major challenges of our lives.  The fact of winter helps to  build character and endurance, as we would probably be "fluffy" rather than solid people if it was spring all the time.  That which is too familiar is often taken for granted.

As winter is leaving, I am mentally bidding her goodbye in subtle ways.  I am noticing that the trees continue to be beautiful, even when bare.  And even though I dislike driving in snow, it is pleasant to view from inside, especially when the house is dark. 

Yes, I know that winter is notorious for throwing curve balls.  During the fickle month of March is when she is most likely to get weird on us, mixing all kinds of unlikely elements , "Ummm, what about  some fog with that ice!  Or a bit of sleet with the fog - haven't done that one in a while!" 

Still, when your time is up, it's up.  We are now closer to spring than winter, and soon it will be time to say......

".....goodbye, winter....hello,spring!"