Sunday, December 13, 2009


Don't dilute the energy of bump and grind
Joy-slapping bodies doing that dance
Always remember what begins in the mind
Is everywhere and might or not bring romance

A cup of java whose flavor makes you sigh
With pleasure because it tastes just right
Or a wisp of hair or a glimpse of thigh
Brings a natural reaction of the same delight

It could be a song that creates a mood
Or a passing image just barely brushed
Or the glancing kiss you both understood
Or the exiting whispers, captured, hushed

Sensuality all in stages of foreplay
Grasped and retained within the mind
Sexuality abounds in any given day
There at whim for you to find

It's everywhere, not only in the dance
Everywhere and might or not bring romance
If your pleasure in all things is never denied
When you decide to dance you will be satisfied!

copyright 2009, Georgette Jones