Monday, September 21, 2009

The Week in Art #1

- Finally, I visited a park that I had been meaning to visit all summer. Finding it so wonderful and beautiful, I returned a second time later in the week with a friend. What are those trees thinking while being guardians of the earth?

As I relished the variety of trees, unusually lush foliage and quiet river, I had a strong desire to buy a new sketchbook,returning to draw some of the imagery that captured me. Being there reinforced my feeling that a landscape artist dwells within.

- Cooking is an artistic experience for me. This week I made a lovely chicken vegetable soup to have on hand so that I won't have to bother cooking every day while painting. My impromptu recipe included boiled, chopped chicken breasts, carrots, celery, mushrooms, onions, cream of chicken soup (thinned with water), fresh tomatoes, broccoli and a sprinkling of rice. Great with a good bread, preferably a thick, multi-grain one. Very satisfying. And healthy.

- Music is essential to the art process as well as everyday life. Enjoyed while driving and while painting: "Night Time is the Right Time" / Ray Charles; "Someday My Prince Will Come" / Miles Davis; "Love Letters"/ Ketty Lester; "Lesson Learned"/ Alicia Keys; "Autumn Leaves"/ George Shearing; "Poinciana"/Ahmad Jamal

- The biggest highlights of my week were cobalt blue, payne's gray, titanium white, cobalt green and burnt sienna. Perhaps boring for some, but pleasant for me.

My Top Ten Inspirations for Creating Art

Feel free to share yours!

10. Visiting new places
9. Reading poetry
8. Viewing great cinema
7. Being in a self-conscious state of love
6. Chopping vegetables ( you heard me right).
5. Dreaming
4. Reading famous artists' biographies
3. Listening to music
2. Viewing other artists' work
1. Being in nature