Friday, January 1, 2010

Fond Wishes for 2010

Good Day, Everyone!  And a Good New Year!  Let's all hope and pray for a better new year. May you all be blessed with your fondest good wishes.  Here are some of my own:

- That our troops will return home soon.  Is peace a possibility for this world?

- That there will be more protection for our children.  There are too many of them missing!

- That our elderly, our poor, our sick and our homeless will receive the services they need.

- That our lagging economy will soon recover.

- That the iminent health care reform will be true reform, beneficial to all.

- That art and handmade items will gain a firm footing in the global market, most desired ......(and bought... hee, hee).

- That, as artists, we will begin to document more of what is happening during these historical times, thereby leaving records for posterity.

- Speaking of  health care, that our pocketbooks be fat, but not our asses (mine included, ya'll).  Yes, I can be extremely spiritual, and say that word sometimes! 

Peace and Blessings to All!