Saturday, May 30, 2009

On Making Art

I have always loved words, books, and poetry. Somehow, they have always seemed to be another side of music and art. When I was a struggling young mother of three small children, writing poetry or reading books always eased my desire to paint, which was not always practical to do considering the circumstances. Authors and poets such as Carson McCullers, Jack London, William Shakespeare and Maya Angelou wrote in ways that sparked my visual imagination.
My current volumes of poetry were inspired and informed by my bodies of paintings, as well as by my having found and read with awe several personal poems from those younger, leaner years. The contemporary style of those poems were left in the past, after having read "Savage Beauty," the biography of famous poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay. I favored her use of the double rhyme, while preferring other standard forms of poetry, as well.

As a poet, I tend to break many rules in order to retain my own voice in expressing a mostly philosophical style of writing based on my own experiences and vision. In choosing verse, rather than a more contemporary style of writing, I seek the entertainment factor, which I feel is vital to all art forms in order to reach and hold a diverse audience.
I choose to be somewhat clever while employing verse that is literary, a manner that is simplistic but not trite, and words that rhyme in the manner of colors in visual art. This reflects who I am.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Some of these
resemble fragments
misty dreams
I sought
to keep.
Though captured
just waking,
lofty essence
is held only
in that
lucid landscape
called Sleep.

copyright, 2009, Georgette Jones

Alliteration for Posterity

May my song
serve solace
to an unknown
May what I
leave satisfy
the souls
of saints.
May all my swords
sail sublime
over seas.
And strike sweetly
the spirit
of only salvation.
May my destiny
decree this
copyright, 2009, Georgette Jones

Sonnet for Solitude

Within this passion, this everflowing rush
Painting and writing fuel energy
To gather colors, paper and brush
To beckon forms dormant in me
Now come I to enjoy this state
This lovely aloneness of mine
Embracing creativity, my fate
In its throes, I do not pine
For people, things, elusive still
Yearned for deeply just yesterday
Kept mute in my heart until
The time of a final fading away
Longing and misery put to bed
My art and books I do thee wed.
copyright, 2009,Georgette Jones