Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Navigating Facebook

It's been almost a month since my account has been active on Facebook, and I'm not surprised that, despite a few annoying occurences, I am enjoying the experience.  I think my experience has been mostly positive because I am aware of my primary reason for being on the site - to promote my art.  Making friends along the way would definitely be an added bonus.

To date, here's some of my favorite features of Facebook: 

Friends - My list includes friends, other artists, musicians and family members.  Taking it slow when it comes to adding people makes my list relatively small in comparison to others who have added thousands. Also, I'm happy to say that I ACTUALLY KNOW or at least have met most of the people on my list!  It's a delight to connect with people I have not seen in years, and I look forward to finding more of these connections on Facebook.  Also, it's thrilling beyond words to connect with relatives in other states.     

Inbox - I love that I can send private messages via my inbox.  Since I enjoy one- on- one conversation, I use this feature regularly, mainly with people with whom I have had a "real life" connection. 

Status Updates - There is a section for viewing the most recent comments and activities of people on your friends list as well as updates about businesses, products, websites and celebrities you have added to your Pages.  Such an interesting treat!

Pages - This is one of my most used resources on Facebook.  I have become a fan not only of favorites I have used, but also a few that I want to learn more about.  I like getting updates about these favorites.

Artist's Groups - There are many I would like to join, but have only joined one thus far.  It's so much fun conversing with the other artists there and viewing their work that I haven't had time to check out the others.

This is all I have to say right now.  I think my Facebook experience will continue to be positive if  I remember that it is an enjoyable PART of my life, and not my  ENTIRE life. 

Already I have made some connections with people from my past whom I might still have been searching for had I not joined Facebook.  This makes me glad.