Saturday, October 31, 2009

Good Things for the Autumn Soul

"Objects of Healing #I"

Lighted candles on a cold night. A warm bath late at night. A new hairdo. A cup of hot cocoa and a good book. Viewing a book of paintings by Vincent Van Gogh.

A long drive along a Michigan highway as the leaves are turning colors. Tickets to watch your favorite sports team play. An excellent meal enjoyed with people you love. A walk along your favorite nature trail. Viewing a book of paintings by the German Expressionists.

An unexpected call from a long-lost friend. New sheets and lots of pillows for your bed. A bedroom sanctuary. A personal altar for praying and meditating. Being "rained-in" with everything you need and no place to go. Viewing a book of paintings by Joseph Holston.

Viewing great art. Listening to jazz or classical music. Listening to any music you love. Reading favorite poems. Burning incense or potpourri. Enjoying a massage from your partner. Making love that has developed to a level of genuine intimacy and spirituality. Viewing a book of paintings and sculpture by Elizabeth Catlett.

Watching the sun come up after hours of meditating or reflecting. Viewing a full moon while visualizing your best life. Visualizing your best life in a chosen sanctuary. Viewing a book of paintings by Paul Cezanne.

Taking a special vacation day to do any or all of the following: Viewing the movie "The Scent of Green Papaya" (it is a feast for the eyes). Cooking a great meal for yourself and a loved one. Healing yourself with a Reiki treatment. Dancing by yourself. Shopping all day. Painting or drawing (even if this is new to you, have fun with it).

What good things do you enjoy giving your autumn soul? Or your "any-season" soul?

Because of Love

Today I nutured the front porch flowers
Then set a special tea to brewing
And polished the foyer floor an hour
And felt all was worth the doing

The fireplace mantel looked most charming
From avid attention given it
The entire abode taken to warming
Brought alive by one who loves it

The table set, the food cooked
For me is a measure of self-esteem
Here nothing of comfort is overlooked
No bother or burden as it might seem

Because it delights me, I am generous to you
Being of service is not a chore
There are so many wishes to grant you
And so little time to do much more

Because of love, I extend kindness
Expecting only what you choose to return
It is said that love dwells in blindness
But today's lesson is not my concern

My reward is in pleasing you today
No equal to all you have given me
And should our bond break away
I will be glad our love was free

If I must, I will move on
With memories to tide me
Even as one, I won't be alone
Knowing you have loved me

Free because of love given me
Because of love given, I am free
Copyright 2009, Georgette Jones

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