Saturday, March 6, 2010

10 Things Art and Sex Have in Common

Interest - Regardless of skill or experience, if you have a sustained
interest in any pursuit, most likely you will do it well or learn to do it well.  Talent without interest fizzles, and ability without interest is just stone cold.  Enthusiasm, excitement and confidence are vital in evolving interest into passion.
Committment - Making art that expresses who you are requires time to learn how your own technical knowledge and emotions interact with both the subject matter and the materials at hand.  It requires committment.  Having sex with someone with whom you have a committed relationship is better than with someone you hardly know, which is not true intimacy, but more like having fast food when you could have had gourmet.  While I'm not implying that every committed relationship automatically means better sex, I am saying that it allows you the time and unfolding to learn your partner's emotional, physical, mental and spiritual temperament.
Freedom of Expression - You have the idea, you have the feelings, you have the desire.  You may express yourself however you wish, either in making love or in making art.
Spirituality - Spirituality is the level you reach during the phase where art makes itself - where eyes, hands and mind work in unison without self-conciousness or mental prompts, where color, form and all elements become one.  Enough said.
Creativity - When making art, it is exciting to approach each new work with a sense of joy rather than duty.  Each new work will have your own signature, but will be individual in its originality.  It is possible to approach intimacy with your partner in the same manner, with a willingness to be creative and varied in your activity.
Fulfillment - Satisfaction can be temporary, while fulfillment suggests permanency, while still challenging you to continue to strive for your highest.  This applies to many areas of life, including art and sex.
Health Benefits - Whenever I am involved in the process of painting with focus and committment, the results of my efforts invariably are felt afterwards.  The completed work leaves me with a sense of well-being and energy.  Over time, this has influenced my overall health.  Being in a committed relationship with someone you love and share a healthy sexual relationshp contributes to good physical and mental health, as well.
Communication - The process of making great art requires not only a robust constitution, but also a heightened sense of connection between yourself and your tools.  Heart, head and hands must be keen in communicating through dialogue between the artist and the work, reacting as the moment dictates.  The same is true in maintaining a fulfilling relationship with your partner.  Good communication includes the ability to truly listen, responding appropriately with sensitivity to what was said.
Passion - In many cases, the passion for making art can endure as long as you're an artist, even though, gradually over time, the physical aspect might limit your productivity.  The same could be said of a sexual relationship. 
Development - Great art must be developed over time.  Some people have given me funny looks when I have stated that this is such an overlooked area of intimate relationships.  It is my belief that a sexual relationship should also be developed over time.  I believe that the loss of sexual interest in your partner often results from failure to develop the emotional, mental and spiritual aspects  - as well as the physical aspects of a relationship.  Focusing on the physical alone can result in constantly seeking new partners, or even becoming sexually addicted.  A good sexual relationship cannot thrive strictly on physical attraction.