Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Compassionate Sun

 "The Compassionate Sun"  / Acrylic on Canvas

 "As I continue to acknowledge those who are living with cancer or have overcome cancer,  I offer this painting and poem.  Both were created two years ago for my mother, who died in 2002 from ovarian cancer, a rapidly-growing form of that disease.  Shortly following her diagnosis, my mother suffered a stroke, which left her unable to speak throughout the reminding three months of her illness.  She had a room with a pleasant view.

See how the sun loves your heart,
Which faintly beats, yet still does beat
How fickle pain now does depart
How earth warms your chilly feet
As sun rises high, bright with heat

Sun knows you have lived with grief
Stored your faith in darkest keeping
Today's presence might recall your belief
To summon on days when he is sleeping
To hold on days that find you weeping

Your heart and soul feels torn and bled
You miss the sun whom you love so dear
First came rain, now the dread
No comfort of sun to soothe your fear
Only shadows of illness lurking near

See how the sun loves your face
Then pleases the trees with his smile
How he illumines morning like grace
Then comes in kindness to visit a while
To please you, also, with his smile

Much attention he has given the flowers
Such days of pleasure nature has known
For you, he rises to soften your hours
With this new light, your spirit has shone
Today he smiles for you alone

See how the sun loves you
This beautiful day is an embrace
With rays of hope that washes through
And illuminates morning like grace.

Offers this day that feels like Grace. 

copyright 2009, Georgette Jones