Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cancer Survivor

Cancer came quietly, a subtle thief
In wait, lain for all those years
A downward spiral, a slow-falling leaf
To target the center of my fears

To target the eye of my major issues
The place where lessons take shape
Negative emotions hidden in tissue
Reveals truth without hope of escape

This, coupled with addictions of choice
Used by me in times of frustration
Growth now spreads this foreign voice
Whose presence increases my desperation

Why was tobacco used to cope
With the sorrows of a mundane life?
Or food used like a kind of dope
To get me through times of strife?

To leave faces of familiarity
Is not my longtime vision of now
Although I accept my mortality
There must be an answer, somehow

Could I pray for a quiet remission?
To give me a decent second chance?
And ask only for higher permission
For cancer to exit and me to enhance

The gifts of my life with a stronger heart
Based on all I belatedly understand
And walk the ways of a fresh start
The gifts of my life held firmly in hand

Then, through prayer plus action of power
Of equal intensity where cancer fed
Overrides the density where disease flowers
And bequeaths precious life instead

Though my understanding is most abstract
Of how this healing came to be
That miracles are possible is a fact
Of both scientific reasons and Divinity!

copyright 2009, Georgette Jones

*This poem was written two years ago, and is dedicated to all my friends who have beat cancer.  The painting, "Dreams of the Trinity" is in the permanent collection of Providence Hospital in Novi, Michigan.