Friday, July 10, 2009

Four-Month Itinerary

"Rather paint the flying spirit of the bird than its feathers."
Robert Henri

July, 2009/ Studio Work - Finally, I have begun the new body of work which I have been longing to start for an entire year now. The supplies are waiting, the drawings from my sketchbook have been selected and I am in the correct state of mind to proceed. That state of mind being one of having reached the point in life where I realize there is no sublime way to be when preparing to spend long hours in the studio. You take the bitter with the sweet, which often exists side by side. I accept that great moments continue to blend with heart-wrenching ones - which is the state of my life almost every day. When I am painting, it is difficult to concentrate on darkness.
August, 2009 / National Kidney Foundation Auction
September, 2009 / Featured Artist: Strathmore Artists Newsletter
October, 2009 / Open Studio Show