Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What Grows in Your Garden?

In the garden of my backyard grows tiger lilies, roses, vinca, white snow, irises (fading fast), lavender (also fading), and several new babies with elusive names. All these lovelies are a joy to behold.

For whatever reason, I am not drawn to flower designs on fabrics or excited by seeing them in magazines. However, the pleasure of seeing real flowers, especially in a garden belonging to me, is just another reminder that there exists something higher than myself.

When I am looking at real flowers, I feel peaceful and removed from the often chaotic world of responsibilities and issues needing attention . At times when that other garden - the garden of my mind - is overflowing with seemingly too many things to handle, I go to the garden of my backyard.
In the garden of my mind, there sometimes grows doubt, floundering faith and hesitation. At this point in my life, I realize that developing spirituality is not static. There will sometimes be struggles between what you believe to be true and what this dream world tells you is real.
It is at these times that I need to go to the garden of my backyard for remembrance and renewal. I remember who I am, and I renew the thoughts growing in my mind. Today I choose to grow in the garden of my mind hope, unwavering faith and decisiveness.......

It is Courage

To arise each morning with anxiety
And still dress yourself well
Eat a good breakfast
Then drive yourself there
Is not only strength
It is courage
Knowing the state of the world
The state of your own life
And still function well
Throughout the day
Is not only competence
It is courage
Doing the work with all it takes
To handle the concerns
The myriad of duties
And do them well
Is not only excellence
It is courage
To continue to live
Your life well
And to love well
Under all circumstances
Is simply this:
It is courage!
copyright 2009, Georgette Jones